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A Word From Ranger Andrew

If you are one of the loyal readers of the Gwahumbe Newsletter – eagerly awaiting the next exciting installment – then you would probably have noticed that they are sent out seasonally.  It seemed very appropriate then that this issue should fall in autumn. The season that brings with it the winds of change and the changing leaves.  As you may have guessed, some changes are happening at Gwahumbe.
It is with very mixed emotions that Sarah and I bid Gwahumbe the fondest of  farewells. We are about to embark on a massive adventure, bundling ourselves, Clara and the two dogs onto an aeroplane and heading for Miami.  It is difficult to express in words how grateful we are to Neil and Raye for making  us a part of their beautiful jewel that lies tucked away in the Gwahumbe Valley.  We take with us memories that we will surely bore our children with for decades to come and Gwahumbe shall always remain our first port of call when visiting South Africa.  A massive thanks to Shanon and Craig for putting your faith in us and your guidance along the way. Thank you to our wonderful staff for your tireless work and glowing personalities. Friends of Gwahumbe have really become friends of ours in the time that we have been here and we will miss you all.
We take great comfort in knowing that we could not have handed the reigns to a better candidate than Wayne Chislett who has already stepped into his role as general manager. We know that you are going to do wonderful things with Gwahumbe, Wayne, and we really look forward to visiting.
Sala kahle Gwahumbe.