4 x 4

Gwahumbe is the perfect destination for 4x 4 self drives and we encourage guests to traverse the entire Reserve unguided.

Gwahumbe is fast becoming a popular venue for 4x4ing as well as new 4×4 vehicle launches.

Land Rover and Honda use us on a regular basis as a service for their customer to test their vehicles. 

We are a recognised 4 x 4 track / course by numerous 4 x 4 Clubs.

We are open! Bookings are available for accommodation, spa, events and day visitors! Accommodation available: Eagle's Nest & Serengeti. We look forward to seeing you. Please note our main lodge with bar/dining room and lounge burnt down in September 2020, we still have our spa and some accommodation, our dining room is our boma with a stretch tent over it. We apologise for any inconvenience during your stay. Our landline was caught in the fire, so please contact us on 082 347 6536.
For any inquiries please contact us on 082 347 6536 or info@gwahumbe.co.za