Team Building

A variety of team building activities are available that can be custom designed to suit the size of the group and time available.


Game Drives:

Delegates are taken on a game drive that lasts approximately 2 hours. This is by far the best way to see the reserve as the vehicles used are open 4x4s and allow for a clear view of the spectacular scenery. As our reserve is relatively small, guests are very likely to get to see much of the game that we have at Gwahumbe such as rhino, hippo, wildebeest, giraffe, zebra and many antelope species.

Guided Nature Walks:

Guests are taken on an interesting and informative walk with one of our knowledgeable field guides.  This activity provides the perfect opportunity to get in touch with and learn more about the smaller fauna and flora in our reserve.  The walk usually lasts for about 1 – 1 ½ hours and need not be strenuous.

Around The Garden in a Matter of Minutes:

– Get to know the garden around the lodge as you solve puzzles and riddles and hunt for hidden treasures along the way.
– Two teams will be split randomly and then asked to create an identity for themselves before going head to head for the title of champions of the garden challenge.
– Team members will have to use their utmost prowess to progress further in the game, always making sure that they are a step ahead of their competitors and never forgetting to watch the clock!
– The challenge ends with drinks around the pool where the final victor will be announced.
– The game will take between 2 and 3 hours and is loads of fun for all ages.

Potjie Competition:

– Delegates are split into two teams. Each team is allocated a cooking site on either side of the swimming pool.
– Each team is given a wood fire, cooking pot and essential ingredients (such as salt and oil). The other ingredients are all set out on a table. Delegates dash in pairs to get their hands on the ingredients that they want most for their pot until all of the ingredients have been taken. It is then up to each team to conjure up the tastiest pot that their culinary skills are capable of creating.
– The final judgment on the winning team will be made by our chef who will be considering aroma, texture and taste.
– The emphasis of the competition is on fun and music will be provided and the bar will be open. There have been many occasions where teams have bartered with other teams, stolen ingredients or even stolen each other’s pots! It’s all in good fun, but make sure it’s tasty because at the end of the day, it’s your dinner!

Survival Game:

– This game takes place around the waterfall and requires a lot of energy as teams race to the finish line.
– After being divided into two teams, a quick shooting competition will decide who is going where first. Both teams then set off on their first leg of the treasure hunt, collecting articles as they go. Each team is timed and will meet back at the waterfall once the first leg is complete. After a short breather and drink break, the teams swap to the other leg of the treasure hunt (taking into consideration the time difference after the first leg.)
– Once the teams have completed both legs of the course, they will have all they need to complete the activity. Using only the articles that they have gathered, each team must make a fire, collect water from the river and boil an egg. The first team to produce a hard boiled egg is the winner.

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