Birders… the date! Saturday 21 July from 7:00am. A morning birding with Dave Hoddinott from Rockjumper – Worldwide Birding Adventures at Gwahumbe. 

Cost: R400p/p.

Bookings: 082 347 6536. | 45 minutes from PMB and 1 hour from Durbs in Mid-Illovo, Eston. 
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On the 28 th June 2018 I spent a wonderful day birding at Gwahumbe. Winter birding can be really rewarding as many insectivorous species tend to flock together. When food is scarce, birds move together and therefore have a better chance of disturbing insects and thus are more likely to find prey. One can enjoy splendid activity if you find one of these mixed species flocks. It so happened on a warm winter’s morning that I found several of these flocks in the reserve. The first was around reception and in just half an hour I had seen 40 species. The well wooded gardens which have grown up nicely since I first visited the reserve several years ago, are attracting a good diversity of species.

Some of these include Orange-breasted Bushshrike, Mocking Cliff Chat, Familiar Chat, Cape Rock Thrush, Fiscal Flycatcher, Southern Black Flycatcher, Streaky-headed Seedeater, Southern Black Tit, Southern Boubou, Black-collared Barbet, Greater Double-collared Sunbird and even Striped Pipit. After a nice cup of hot coffee, and a bunch of birds under the belt, I headed down to the valley which by now had warmed up a little. Some of the highlights here included Common Quail, African Black Duck, Long-crested Eagle, African Fish Eagle, Knysna Turaco, Little Bee-eater, Crowned & noisy Trumpeter Hornbill, Red-fronted Tinkerbird, Crested Barbet, Red-throated Wryneck, Golden-tailed Woodpecker, a pair of Lanner Falcon, Cape & Chinspot Batis, endemic Southern Tchagra, Grey and Black Cuckooshrike, Kurrichane Thrush, Brown and White-browed Scrub Robin, Ashy Flycatcher, Dark-backed Weaver, elusive Green Twinspot, Swee Waxbill and finally a new species for the reserve, Forest Canary. I ended the day on 98 species and am very much looking forward to my next visit in July …
Happy Birding!

~ Dave Hoddinott – Rockjumper Birding Tours ~

We are open! Please note that the main lodge and some of our accommodation is no longer in use after a runaway veld fire razed Gwahumbe to ground. However, we are still open for day visitors, spa treatments, and Eagle's Nest is now open for accommodation bookings.
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