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Game Drives & Bush Walks at Gwahumbe

Enjoy Guided Game Drives
Go At Your Own Pace on a Self-Drive

Exploring the fauna and flora of Gwahumbe is a must for guests. This patch of beautiful bush has much to offer anyone passionate about nature – or if you need a break from city life for a bit. Gwahumbe offers guided safari game drives with knowledgeable field guides for safety and to make the most of your game-viewing experience.

Our relatively small reserve is easy to navigate, with a network of 4×4 roads to enjoy. This means a weekend day trip or a safari getaway is possible in equal measure. You set the rhythm and the intimacy of the reserve makes for close and easy sightings.


Gwahumbe Guided Game Drives, KZN

Take It All In

Go on a guided game drive on an open 4×4. Our Land Cruisers seat 10, and we have one 24-seater, to cater to groups of different sizes.

Let Us Guide You

Game drives are taken by knowledgeable field guides who fill the tour with interesting facts and information.

Relax With Snacks

On our early morning game drives, enjoy tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and rusks along the route. Mid-morning and afternoon game drives include a cooldrink/sundowner and snacks.

Your Game Drive: What to Look Out For


Gwahumbe’s size creates an excellent chance for guests to view game – including hippo, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, and many antelope species.


Gwahumbe has over 240 recorded species of birds and the reserve is a serene and enjoyable location for birdwatchers at all times of year.

Scenic Views

The reserve has diverse and sometimes dramatic views to inspire awe in any nature-lover. Immerse yourself in this patch of Africa, with a chance for a photograph around every corner.
Game Walks

Bush Walks

This activity provides the perfect opportunity to get in touch with and learn more about the smaller flora and fauna in the reserve. The walk usually lasts an hour to an hour and a half. Whether you are looking for a gentle stroll or a more strenuous bush walk, we happily tailor bush walks to your fitness levels and requirements.

The beauty of nature is best enjoyed on foot. Guests are encouraged to traverse the reserve on our nature trails to take in the details during this sensory safari pastime. Aloe Ridge, Fig Tree, and the dam are some of the major landmarks for walkers who are keen to hit the trail. For the best experience, we recommend walking with one of our knowledgeable field guides, whose insights fill walks with wonder and interesting new facts.

Guided Nature Walks

Best suits groups of 8 people or less

2 people: R300.00 pp
3 – 5 people: R250.00 pp


Enjoy a Short Commute and Malaria-Free Game Drives in KZN

Gwahumbe’s convenient location makes it ideal for last-minute weekend plans, hard-earned bush breaks, or a chance at outdoor adventures for the whole family.

Please note that we reserve the right to change prices without prior notice. All prices are subject to availability and can be withdrawn or varied without notice.

Game Drives: +/- 2 hour duration 1 – 2 people R430.00 p/p
  3 – 5 people R380.00 p/p
  6 + people R350.00 p/p
Transfers To Valley: 1 WAY R100.00 p/p min charge R200.00
(Mzigi Bush Camp/Waterfall): RETURN R150.00 p/p min charge R300.00
Game Drives: +/- 2 hour duration
1 – 2 people R400.00 p/p to R430.00 p/p
3 – 5 people R350.00 p/p to R380.00 p/p
6 + people R320.00 p/p to R350 p/p
Transfers To Valley:
1 WAY R100.00 p/p min charge R150.00
(Mzigi Bush Camp/Waterfall):
RETURN R150.00 p/p min charge R300.00


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