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Holiday Adventuring for our Junior Rangers


Looking for a wilderness adventure holiday for your kids? Sign them up for a weekend they’ll remember for a lifetime – full of adventure and outdoor activities. During this 3 day & 2 night holiday camp they will cover a range of activities and exciting bush adventures. From guided walks through the reserve to bum sliding down the Gwahumbe waterfall, they’ll walk away with memories to keep forever. They’ll learn how to track certain animals by their footprints, how to shoot a bow and even enjoy night game drives through the reserve. It’s a few days dedicated to being outdoors and exploring the wonder of nature and all it has to offer us. Retiring to around the fire each night, eating delicious bush food and falling asleep to the soothing sounds of nature – does it get better?

Our next camp is happening from 28-30 June and later on in the year we’ll be holding more camps – so book your spot early!
19-21 July
27-29 July
2-4 October
4-6 October

More info:
Bookings: 082 347 6536 |


We are open! Bookings are available for accommodation, spa, events and day visitors! Accommodation available: Eagle's Nest & Serengeti. We look forward to seeing you. Please note our main lodge with bar/dining room and lounge burnt down in September 2020, we still have our spa and some accommodation, our dining room is our boma with a stretch tent over it. We apologise for any inconvenience during your stay. Our landline was caught in the fire, so please contact us on 082 347 6536.
For any inquiries please contact us on 082 347 6536 or